ACORD places a high degree of effort on providing living arrangements and services for adults over the age of 18, who have varying levels of developmental, physical and other disabilities, including autism. 

  • Group homes with 24/7 supervision in Milford, New Haven and Meriden.
  • Medical services customized to individual needs, including nursing, physical and occupational therapy, counseling, speech/language therapy, visual/auditory, behaviorist support and more.
  • Small, peer-group, supported living arrangements through New Haven County and into Middlesex County.
  • Skill building activities and programs including household maintenance, self-care, meal preparation, transportation, community awareness, health services, communication, money and budgeting skills, and social behavior.
  • Offering specialized services and creative arts tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual.
  • Integration of age-appropriate offerings for learning,
    recreation and leisure, including community involvement
    where feasible.
  • Person-centered planning, individual assessments,
    and ongoing evaluation and adjustment.

Residential Services


7 Barnes Industrial Road South Wallingford, CT 06492

​Phone: (203) 269-3599

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A provider qualified by the CT Dept. of Developmental Services.
Executive Director
Francine Pangaro
​(203) 269-3599 ext. 13

​Director of Administration
Karen Zajac

203) 269-3599 ext. 12

Manager of Program Operations
​Evalina Askew
​(203) 269-3599 ext. 19

​Quality Assurance

Jackie French

QA Coordinator 

(203) 269-3599 ext. 11